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iOS Developer - m/f

Place of employment: Zagreb, Croatia
Application due date: Open until filled
Type of employment: Full time job

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Mobile app space is dominated by two large powerhouses - Apple's iOS and Google's Android. Now, we won't be talking about which platform is better because we think they're both equally great, but as this is an open position for an iOS developer, you know we will focus more on our iOS development team. As Jony Ive would describe it, they are a team that asks an awful lot of questions and nurtures good ideas. They have to, as their goal is to always raise the bar with mobile applications they envision and create. And if you stop by their desk, you'll always see something new - whether it's a cutting-edge piece of tech or an interesting mobile application they're working on, like Moja Žuja, pvtistes or Ajmo! 

To further improve our iOS expertise, we are now hiring an experienced iOS developer to join our mobile team. We're looking for a person who has a firm grasp on mobile development as a whole and understands the ins and outs of spearheading complex mobile projects - from the first workshop with a client, all the way to app publishing. Someone who enjoys working in a team and having fun, as well as learning, educating and sharing knowledge.

In short - if you're amped up about new technologies and skilled in iOS development, able to deliver complex projects, as well as willing to constantly improve yourself, we'd love to get your CV.




  • Develop iOS apps in Swift
  • Maintain active applications
  • Define and choose application architecture, database and networking stack
  • Communicate with APIs (REST, JSON API and others)
  • Create libraries/frameworks/code snippets that can be reused across multiple projects, and that speed up the development process
  • Release apps on the App Store or enterprise platforms
  • Coordinate and help juniors and interns



  • Having experience in developing mobile applications
  • At least 2 years of experience in iOS development and working on client-based projects
  • Excellent knowledge of the iOS platform and frameworks
  • Excellent knowledge of OOP
  • Good knowledge of Swift, dependency management (Cocoapods, SPM, Carthage...), Xcode and its feature set
  • Good knowledge of API communication (REST, JSON API and others)
  • Good knowledge of git
  • Good knowledge of the whole iOS app production process (specifications, client briefs, design guidelines/HIG, App Store)
  • Basic knowledge of CI/CD principles, fastlane and scripting
  • Experience in reading and understanding other people’s code
  • Good debugging skills and familiarity with debugging tools
  • Excellent analytical and organizational skills
  • Excellent teamworking skills
  • Good communication skills



  • Having experience in leading a project (from a development perspective) - assigning tasks to other developers, making tech stack decisions, setting up projects from scratch
  • Having experience in mentoring other developers
  • Showing the will and interest to take on a team lead position in the future
  • Having experience in giving project estimates 
  • Having experience in communicating with Apple reviewers
  • Having experience in administering Apple developer accounts



  • A 13” Macbook Pro
  • An iPhone of your choice with a business mobile plan
  • Monthly one-on-one meetings with a team leader, and structured biannual meetings about personal development
  • Secure parking spaces and storage for bikes
  • Access to a variety of industry-related books, magazines and additional reading materials
  • Ability to modify your daily working hours according to your needs
  • Awesome team buildings, a dog-friendly office, in-office gym, rec room and game room
  • Lots of internal educations from your colleagues & external educations from industry experts
  • Most likely some new friends



  1. Your CV
  2. Your motivational letter (tell us why you want to join us)
  3. Links to some great code or apps you created (this one’s optional)


Submit your application in Croatian and/or English.

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