Cross-platform mobile development with Flutter

You don’t have to choose between Android and iOS when Flutter lets you design, build and launch mobile apps for both platforms from a single codebase.

Evolution of cross-platform mobile development

Flutter is Google’s software development kit for building cross-platform mobile, web and desktop applications.

It simplifies the process of developing, deploying and publishing mobile apps because it allows developers to create Android and iOS applications from a single codebase.

3 aspects of building mobile applications with Flutter

Design and development

By following the MVP approach, we turn your business ideas and concepts into profitable applications that offer great user experience.

Upgrade and improvement

If you already have a Flutter-based app, our team can upgrade it with new features and ensure it takes full advantage of the latest operating systems.

Testing and maintenance

We can put your application through its paces, analyze its performance and detect weaknesses, and then perform corrective actions.

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By using Flutter, you get a mobile app that…
Step 1 of the mobile application development process at Bornfight

Uses one codebase for both Android and iOS

Writing one codebase for two apps instead of two codebases can make the creation of cross-platform apps more cost and time-efficient.

Step 2 of the mobile application development process at Bornfight

Has native-like performance and experience

Because of Flutter’s architecture, performance of applications created with this framework is almost indistinguishable from natively developed apps.

Step 3 of the mobile application development process at Bornfight

Can be quickly placed on the market

Flutter streamlines the process of building and shipping mobile apps as its parallel development enables synchronized launch on both Play Store and App Store.

Step 4 of the mobile application development process at Bornfight

Is fully scalable and easily maintainable

Flutter supports robust architectures which ensures that your app will be compatible with new hardware and software, and scale as your business grows.

You can take their word for it…

Bornfight understands what does or doesn’t make sense for mobile users, so it’s no surprise that a lot of our users praised the new app’s intuitiveness and ease of use.

Antun Tomašević

Product Manager at Mediatoolkit

Bornfight’s development team is very strong, and we were all very impressed with what the development and design teams came up with.

Chloe Ravat

Marketing Manager at Lufthansa

Working with Bornfight has been reassuring and angst-free, qualities that are uncommon in the world of online product development.

Mutiu O. Fagbayi

CEO at Performance Fact, Inc.

If you have an idea for a business or a product, let’s turn it into an app
A mobile application built with Flutter will help you…

Create new business opportunities

Take advantage of market opportunities by launching new apps and quickly turning your business ideas into market-ready products.

Build engagement and loyalty

Provide your users with a better experience, increase engagement, boost sales and keep your brand on your users’ phones at all times.

Increase reach and exposure

Take control of the markets by placing the right messages at the right time and continuously expanding your base of users and customers.

Upgrade internal processes

Use mobile tech to digitize traditional processes and help your employees to be more efficient and more satisfied with their work.


Using Flutter to build an almost fun time-tracking app is a time-tracking mobile app built to provide professionals with a simple, one-tap management and overview of the time they spend on various activities throughout the day, week and month.

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