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Think + Do

Acquis is one of the top-ranked boutique consulting firms in New York — they help ambitious organizations design strategies and put them to work. Their methodology revolves around creating strategies that are sustainable and that go beyond the short-term fix. Everything Acquis does is focused on helping their partners think about business in creative ways, as well as guiding them along the path towards embracing the change necessary to drive growth.



Attract new clients and employees

As a company that’s going through a phase of rapid expansion, Acquis wanted to better present its services, offerings and capabilities, as well as company culture — to achieve that, they tasked us with redesigning their entire website. Our main objective was to design and develop a modern website with an exceptional user experience that would enable Acquis to acquire more sales leads, boost the number of job applications and bolster their brand value.


Contemporary side of consulting

When it came to defining the art direction and the overall style of the new website, our main objective was to differentiate Acquis from other companies within the consulting industry and, at the same time, fully showcase the uniqueness of their culture and the way they approach projects.

We achieved that by leveraging the impactful nature of their brand — we focused on strong typography, bold combinations of colors and grand visuals that guide and navigate users through a modern web layout that is structured, but also quite flexible.



Talk with a person instead of a brand

One of the standout aspects of the redesigned website is the overall communication and core messages of the brand that are placed across the web. Since Acquis’ approach to projects and clients focuses on high levels of personalization and making an impact with every action, we decided to mimic that approach and translate it onto web communication.

It is structured in a way that gives users a feeling they are talking directly to the members of the Acquis team, instead of a brand. And that style of communication is present on all of the pages — from the homepage, services and careers pages, all the way to sales contact forms that are customized according to specific pages a user visited before ending on the form.



We implemented a strong human aspect into the website. And now it feels like the web itself is a guide that leads every user towards contacting a specific member of the Acquis team that can help them solve their business challenges.

Mario Šimić

Bornfight Digital Designer

Areas of Practice = architectural pillars

Due to the fact that Acquis’ services and expertise are one of the broadest and most complex aspects of their business, we structured the entire information architecture of the website around their areas of practice. This approach not only enabled us to seamlessly connect all other elements of the web to these main sales pages, but it also allowed us to prioritize web conversions across the board and maximize experience through flexible user flows that adapt to the needs of specific user personas.



Funneling users towards conversion

The main objective of this redesign was to create a website that would allow Acquis to increase the amount of acquired sales leads and boost the number of job applicants. This is the reason why we structured the website as a giant conversion funnel, with every element directly or indirectly guiding users towards a contact form — whether a sales form, or a career application one.

But, even though the focus on conversion is strong and prominent, the process of guiding users towards a conversion point is designed to be quite inconspicuous — it is made to feel natural and unforced, thus maximizing the overall user experience.


You know… that website with triangles

To further differentiate Acquis from other businesses within the field of consulting, and highlight their company culture that revolves around creativity, professionalism and expertise combined with a pronounced laid-back undertone, we introduced a couple of new elements to their existing visual identity.

One of the most prominent elements we introduced is the triangle, which we extracted from Acquis’ logotype which depicts a pyramid casting a circular shadow — this element now acts as a unique visual representation of the website, while also accentuating the company’s personality.



The project was not large, but it had its share of challenges — their old web was architecturally quite complex, so our main objective was to structure the new web in a way that’s more streamlined, but at the same time retains all of the core elements from the old one.

Tomislav Jezidžić

Bornfight Front-end Developer



Embrace modularity to ensure scalability and flexibility

As Acquis is continuously expanding its business impact, as well as the number of services it offers its clients and partners, we built the entire website from a superset of custom-made modules that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of Acquis as a company, its employees and business processes.

This approach enables the website to seamlessly follow the company’s growth and fluidly scale, because it allows Acquis to easily expand the website in the future by adding new pages, new content, new services, new flows…



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