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Aqua is an in-house experimental project which features all the latest technology novelties — from AR, VR to implementing phone sensors, Bluetooth communication and voice recognition, all presented in a fun island-themed way.





Technology islands

Each island carries a task which can be solved using one of the latest technologies mentioned above. The island-like environment was very appealing to implement, because it gave us more agility in adding new features as they emerge on the market.
Aqua started with three islands – Monster Island, Snow Island and Volcano Island, and we are continuously adding new features to it.


Island hopping, Bornfight style

Monster Island features augmented reality (AR) using latest Apple ARKit and Google ARCore SDKs. The proof of concept idea was to populate your surroundings with different monsters, placing you in the center of this imagined island. ARKit and ARCore helped us implement this, and we are working to bring new features to the Monster Island itself.

Snow Island is a 360 panorama island which transports you to a snowy landscape. It offers you an opportunity to explore the scene by looking around with your phone. As a bonus, you can also enable the goggles mode and slip your phone into Google Cardboard to get an actual virtual reality (VR) experience, available for Android users.

We’ve also made use of the device sensors like accelerometer and magnetometer, to track if you’ve made a full turn, as well as the iOS 3D engine SceneKit integrated with the device sensors such as accelerometer and gyroscope to provide a rich and immersive 360 panorama.




Vulcano Island seems like the most dull of them all, but only at first glance. If you give it a little nudge, the vulcano just may explode!

We used the accelerometer sensor here to detect device movements. When shaken, the vulcano will start to activate, followed by visual and haptic feedback. Both animation and vibration are used to simulate eruption of the vulcano.

New islands are already under development, bringing Bluetooth multiplayer game, object recognition and detection using machine learning, and many more. Download the application from our Play Store or App Store, and try it out.


Hey Siri, hey Google

We’ve also implemented voice interactions via Siri and Google Assistant for some hidden features of the app. To unlock new levels and earn extra points, you will sometimes need to ask your personal assistant for help.

We’re excited to use the personal assistant features in Aqua, and we’re inviting you to figure out how to unlock those extra experiences, using hints in the app.


We love new technologies

For the end user, Aqua is an entertaining game which offers cool stuff to play with. This experience will be even more fun with the introduction of a gamification system, which is something we plan to introduce in the future.

For us, Aqua represents enormous value, because it’s a medium, or a platform if you will, where we can show all of our expertise and passion for new technologies, in one place.

That being said, feedback from other developers on this has been rewarding, and we invite you to reach out if you need support for implementing such cutting edge experiences yourselves.


Download Aqua from the Play Store or the AppStore, play a couple of games and see what can be done with this new technology!


Scope of work

  • Application Concept
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  • Art Direction
  • Visual Moodboards
  • UI Design
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