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Improving business communication through a private social network

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Going beyond a standard communications tool

With over 2000 employees in the FMCG industry, our client needed a reliable communication channel that would enable all members of the corporation to get relevant information at any time. Beyond, as an internal business application, offers different sets of custom features specifically developed to improve internal communication and productivity in our client’s growing company.


Vital information at a glance

Our client used to conduct a majority of their business communication through Facebook groups, but decided to replace them with a custom tool, as a lot of important business information would get lost among their employees’ private feeds. They needed a system that would allow their business managers to easily send important information to all members of the organization and ensure that information gets seen.


The solution we created was a mobile application that functioned as a private social network. It’s streamlined, uncluttered, easy to use and features a feed with rich media posts that support both videos and photos.

Elena Crnković

Bornfight Digital Design Team Lead

Communication unbound by borders

As our client’s company is divided into several regions across 8 countries, we implemented the option to filter out region-specific information. That way, business managers can send posts to all users of the Beyond mobile application, or only members connected to certain regions. This enables even greater granulation of information, and makes sure specific groups of app users see the information they need to see, but it also keeps the entire communication transparent as all users have the ability to check out what’s happening in other regions.


Giving a voice to all app users

To keep the stream of information uncluttered, posts in the feed and push notifications can only be created and sent by a selected number of people within our client’s organization. To prevent one way communication and increase user engagement within the application, we gave all users a way to express themselves. We added the ability to add comments and replies, which turns all posts into mini chats. Because of this feature, all app users can now freely discuss news and voice their opinions, but without adding more clutter to the main feed.


Every employee has its own standardized profile with basic information and options to communicate via various channels.

Tomislav Smrečki

Bornfight Android Development Team Lead

Like for a job well done

To give users even more options for personal expression, we introduced custom post reaction.
Besides the standard “like” reaction, we added a special “well done” reaction which employees can use to express their approval and validation on certain news. This helps build a common sense of progress, approval and boosts the feeling of going in the right direction. And it’s also much more personal than a regular “love” reaction.


Reaching out, within

Another specific challenge our client had was structuring all contact information for their employees, since they usually communicate with each other on a daily basis and often between different teams and regions. To help them become more productive and faster in solving problems, we implemented a simple contacts screen that’s searchable by name, title and region.


Communication with Bornfight was open and straightforward, they focused on understanding the details to deliver the best solution. We had regular follow ups and their response was always quick. Reliable team in every sense of the word.

Maja Djumlija

Corporate Communications Manager at British American Tobacco

Working together towards the same goal

For our client, Beyond mobile application became a quick and easy channel of communication that’s accessible to every single employee. It enabled them to connect with each other across the regions and strengthen the feeling of being a part of one large team that’s working together towards the same goal. In addition to that, transparency and a structured two-way communication enabled the members of the management to become closer with their employees, which made everyone more closely connected despite a large number of employees within the company.

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