Unlocking 30x revenue growth through continuous platform improvement

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Direct to consumer beauty subscription

Estrid is a Scandinavian razor and body care brand offering fairly priced, high-quality products that are 100% vegan. In its first year of operations, they sold around $1 million worth of kits, and raised $18 million at a $100 million valuation for their subscription business.

To accommodate their rapid growth and increase revenue, Estrid needed a long-term tech partner who would enable them to improve their eCommerce platform and scale their business.


Replicable eCommerce platform

By creating a D2C subscription brand, Estrid’s vision is to disrupt the European FMCG market. To fuel that disruption, our objective was to build a scalable eCommerce platform which:

  • Improves Estrid’s overall performance and conversion rates
  • Is replicable so it could be used to power Estrid’s future products and brands



Dedicated tech hub

We provided Estrid with a team of 15 experts who now function as their own tech hub within Bornfight. This means they are fully self-organizing and can cover core aspects of building digital products — development, design, quality assurance, product management and business strategy.

This approach resulted in:

  • Maximum flexibility when it comes modifying the scope of work
  • Minimal onboarding when adding new people to the team
  • Singular focus on achieving Estrid’s main business goals
  • Continuous delivery according to defined bi-weekly sprints



New platform = new revenue

In order to achieve set goals, the first task we tackled was building a new, faster tech stack than the one Estrid had used. Since they have a subscription-based business, the scope included rebuilding both the back-end and the front-end aspect of their eCommerce platform, and migrating all of their existing subscribers to the new one.

This alone resulted in the platform now being able to handle around 30 times more subscribers and active users than before and enabled Estrid to speed up the overall revenue growth.



Improving the UX and user flows

Estrid is generating a large number of new subscribers every month. To upgrade their experience from the first touch with the brand, we focus on a deep analysis of their journey.

We go chunk by chunk, functionality by functionality and continuously build and redefine different parts of the website while the product is live and working. This way, we can upgrade our process, approach and the whole platform without stopping Estrid from generating revenue and new customers.



Checkout optimization = more revenue

We place a high level of focus on the continuous optimization of the checkout process. As this is one of the most important, as well as most delicate aspects of the eCommerce platform, even the smallest of iterations are based on large amounts of gathered user data and heavily tested before widespread implementation.



Leveraging design systems to maximize efficiency

Our design process is continually guided by the analytics we gather from users. The whole process is iterative, but we can put it down like this — first, we change the system conceptually, then we update the system, and then that system is distributed to all pages where that component is located.

Every UI component and page is defined within the sitemap and the component library. Based on the defined design system, we create additional modules, components, and pages. Every step of the design process is carefully executed and keeps in mind the possibility of extending additional modules.


Taking full advantage of market opportunities

With the new platform and our team of experts that serves as their standalone technology hub, Estrid unlocked lots of market opportunities.

  • The platform is future proof as it can now handle 30x more subscribers
  • The core of the platform can be replicated and is already used to build platforms for Estrid’s new brands
  • Their subscriber and revenue growth is increasing on a monthly basis due to increased conversion rates and better user experience
  • The process of opening and expanding into new markets is now fully streamlined which resulted in Estrid now also operating in Italy and Spain


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Scope of work

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