Sharing unique stories through a custom photo portfolio website

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Personal portfolio and a custom photography showcase

GETZ website was created to present the galleries of Mario Dragičević, a Zagreb-based photographer. As Mario mostly works with clients in the fashion industry, the entire website revolves around portraits and fashion photography.

Uncompromising customization, limitless options

The website was built on WordPress, and every single element on the web is fully customizable. This max customization approach taken by our WordPress Engineers in the back-end, enabled our Front-end Developers to fully focus on creating advanced animations and transitions without any limitations or restrictions.

Galleries are especially customizable as they leverage all the strengths of WP flexible content. This results in an unlimited number of customizable options and available combinations, as every element within the CMS can be rearranged by simply dragging and dropping.

I’d say we are most proud of the smooth interactions we created and implemented across the website. They enabled us to increase the overall user experience.

Karlo Videk

Front-end Development Team Lead

Introducing a level of novelty

We put an emphasis on creating extremely smooth interactions across the entire website. By doing that, we increased the overall user experience, made the web more immersive and, most importantly, interesting to use and navigate through.

Focusing on structural clarity & navigational fluidity

Flat navigational structure of the website is represented through a main slider that enables the user to enter a gallery. When they’re already in a gallery, they can enter the next one by interacting with the navigation element on the bottom of the page.

Fast loading and preloading

As a way of navigating through the pages on the website, we implemented the click & hold interaction. It enabled us to prefetch the next page by hovering on the CTA element, and it works both in the list view and the single gallery view.

Translating photography onto the web

To connect the photography craft even more with the website itself, we implemented a horizontal diagonal navigation which added to the dynamics of the placed content and mirrored that feeling to the effect of moving a camera during the photoshoot.

We prototyped and communicated quite a lot, so the end product is actually an improved version of the prototypes we created in the beginning.

Hrvoje Grubišić

Design Director

Awards and accolades

GETZ website won Site of the Day, Mobile Excellence, Developer Award and Honorable Mention from Awwwards, as well as Website of the Day, Best UX, Best UI and Best Innovation awards from CSS Design Awards.

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