Designing the perfect booking experience for business travellers

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About the client

Golden Center Apartments are luxury apartments for rent in the heart of Zagreb’s business zone, which makes them a perfect choice for people visiting for business purposes. As a growing tourist destination, Zagreb offers various types of accommodation, but luxury business apartments are still a novelty compared to the typical hotel or holiday apartment.

Building the website for the right persona

During the discovery phase, one of the important insights was that although the apartments are meant for business people, the actual persona that books the business trip is usually someone from the office management team. Taking into consideration these two user groups, the task was to create a website that:

  • quickly shows business-related room utilities
  • aesthetically supports luxury and high-end accommodation
  • has a fast and simple booking system
  • has content customized for business people



Simplifying the booking process

A general challenge for this project was how to visually and functionally adapt the website to the main target group, consisting of business and office management people looking for a fast and simple accommodation solution.

We created an apartment list that shows the main attributes and features, such as room size and additional business utilities— the working area, projector, and meeting desk are shown up front to the users for quicker comparison.



The booking form is made to be accessible in a split second, no matter where you currently are on the website. Though there aren’t many rooms, to save time and provide visual cues to busy users, the process of selecting the apartments is created visually.



Providing the added value

Our target group is focused on business and everything related to it. By putting all important information within their reach, but also giving them additional options for activities that fit their short stay, we ensured that their visit to Croatia’s capital is a pleasant one.

Wrapping it up in a seamless experience

Our challenge was giving the Golden Centre brand a digital identity, but also making sure that the website shows the beauty of their apartments. It needed to be aesthetically clean, while also providing all necessary information to users. The final product is a visually attractive website with a simplified booking process, ideal for business users who usually don’t have much time and are busy with different types of assignments on their day job.


Visit and explore the luxury of Golden Center Apartments!

Scope of work

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  • Research
  • Project & Production Planning
  • Persona Development
  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • Information Architecture
  • Art Direction
  • Digital Identity
  • UI Design
  • Content Creation
  • Interaction Design
  • Web Development
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