Building a customer-centric web experience for a rapidly-growing company

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Connect the world

Infobip is one of the world’s leading SaaS companies whose goal is to create seamless mobile interactions between businesses and people. By providing a broad range of solutions, messaging channels, and tools for advanced customer engagement, security, authentication, support, and retention to enterprises, telecoms, developers and SMBs, Infobip connects billions of people every day.

The crucial element of this project’s success was client involvement. As the web was quite complex, we held regular meetings with Infobip's board, and used them to get direct feedback and approval.

Nino Mihovilić

Bornfight WordPress Engineer


From product-centric to customer-centric

As a rapidly growing company that entered a new phase in their business journey, Infobip needed a new website that would better represent who they are and what they offer, and also function as a hub for their lead generation activities. They tasked us with creating a website that would be tailored to their users by stepping away from a product-centric approach and embracing the customer-centric one.



Crafting experience one module at a time

In order to accommodate Infobip’s constant growth, the web itself needed to be immensely scalable and easily customizable. We achieved that by building all of the elements using the principles of atomic design, and connecting them into modules which can be rearranged and connected to form a large number of templates.



One of our main goals was to make the website fully modular. Every element, section or page needed to build by taking and connecting the blocks from a superset we created specifically for this project.

Karlo Videk

Bornfight Front-end Team Lead

Focus on customization to focus on users

Infobip’s new website needed to focus on reaching goals related to lead generation, brand positioning and employee attraction, and each goal targeted a specific user group of enterprises, investors, business owners and potential employees. To achieve those goals, we created a custom information architecture which connects those users groups with specific sections on the web through content touchpoints that guide them towards main conversion actions.



Solution provider > product provider

To emphasize Infobip’s customer-centric approach, we focused on positioning the company as a solution provider, rather than a product hub. We did this by creating a style that reflects new trends in the messaging industry and by grouping their products into categories of solutions adapted for specific industries like banking, finance, mobile marketing, retail, customer service and a variety of others.



I'm extremely proud of how we merged our web expertise with our client's understanding of the industry. This led to achieving the goal of turning the old Infobip website into a modern, self-serviced platform that's now fully customer-centric.

Mario Šestak

Bornfight Head of Design


Step-by-step lead qualification

Lead generation is one of Infobip’s core pillars, so we had to modify the process of lead qualification on the web to fit the needs of Infobip’s sales team. We based it on the technique of progressive profiling, and connected to specific content touchpoints. This setup allows Infobip to simplify their sales process by gradually collecting more data on users as they go through the buyer’s journey, but it also provides a frictionless user experience when it comes to lead generation.



Their teams constantly create content, tailor lead generation forms and A/B test. They need a platform everyone's familiar with, is simple to use and just works.

Goran Mlinarić

Bornfight Product Unit Manager

Name of the game – speed

The website has a large number of key components and elements, so we needed to make sure they’re optimized for maximum performance. We built the entire website using vanilla JS and CSS preprocessing, as that enabled it to be lightweight and fast on all devices, as well as extremely scalable and easy to maintain.

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