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Streamlining the way IP valuation professionals acquire data

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Discover the value of intangible assets

MARKABLES provides business valuation professionals with relevant comparable data and tools needed to determine the value of intangible assets. It is used by leading organizations engaged in valuation, transfer pricing, transaction advisory, corporate finance, dispute resolution, equity research, economic analysis and IP transfer.


The entire IP valuation industry relies heavily on data and data analysis. MARKABLES gathers, compiles and analyzes that data and provides users with detailed reports.

Mladen Geng

Bornfight Project Manager


Complete control over the tool

As our client’s previous IT service provider went out of business, they tasked us with building a new online app from scratch based on latest technologies and UI/UX tools. It needed to consist of the same core functionalities, but upgraded to provide a better and smoother user experience.


Rethinking the design to enhance user experience

During a discovery workshop with the client, we’d gone through a detailed research about its users and the way they interact with the tool. This research guided our design proposals, which ultimately led to a complete overhaul of the tool’s design elements – they are now more intuitive, as well as easier to use and navigate through.



We focused on making the tool and the website convey trustworthiness through clean design, precision through organized content and structure through form consistency.

Petar Zeman

Bornfight Digital Designer

Superior statistics and data comparison provide added value

One of the outstanding features of the MARKABLES tool is data comparison which enables users to take multiple reports and stack them together. It is an extremely powerful feature as it enables users to get even deeper insights about specific topics, businesses and industries from them.



Key pillars – advanced search and filtering options

The amount of data and generated reports that are available within the MARKABLES tool is enormous and constantly growing. That is why we focused on creating a set of robust filtering options that users can easily understand and start using, but that are also extremely scalable and can follow the tool’s growth.


Documentational search is an extremely powerful function - it enables users to get a step-by-step list of actions they took within the tool to reach specific results and documents.

Maroje Macola

Bornfight Software Developer

Topping it off with a full web redesign

As the website is the main point of contact between the brand and potential customers, we redesigned it to match the visual identity of the tool. By modernizing its visual elements and restructuring the content, we created a simpler flow that provides website visitors with key information and leads them to try the tool.



Explore the entire MARKABLES platform and discover the value of intangible assets on!

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