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Modernizing fraud management to improve process efficiency

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Cutting-edge progress-focused fintech

Mercury Processing Services International is a modern fintech company that prides itself on providing its partners and customers with top of the line solutions, as well as on being at the forefront of emerging trends in the payment industry. When it comes to quality, security, usability and accessibility, MPSI makes no compromises.



Overhauling the fraud detection workflow

Real-time card fraud management and detection is one of the services MPSI offers its customers, but third-party platforms they used became too limited for their analysts. MPSI tasked us with creating a streamlined fraud management platform that would complement the workflow of their analysts and be tailored to their needs.


Our objective was not just to create a modern tool with advanced fraud management functionalities, but one that could also be customized to the needs of financial institutions MPSI would partner with.

Mladen Geng

Bornfight Head of Project Management

Starting by uncovering needs through workflow research

Primary users of the fraud management platform are MPSI analysts, so we conducted a series of one-on-one shadowing sessions with them. This enabled us to map out their workflow, and detect pain points that cause the most issues. Insights gathered in this research were used to create a feature list and a production plan for the new tool.



Simplifying processes without limiting users

The platform provides MPSI analysts, whose work revolves around handling lots of data, with all of the features they need to perform their job. But it doesn’t lock them into a specific workflow – it is designed to complement them and enable them to customize the platform around their specific ways of performing daily tasks.



Our work revolved around detecting actions that analysts do hundreds of times per day. And then simplifying them by making an action even a few seconds quicker. When you multiply that by hundreds of times, that’s a lot of saved time.

Mario Šimić

Bornfight Senior Digital Designer

Providing users with full control over their work

As analysts go through large volumes of information, we implemented elements like organized dashboards, data lists, auto queues, graphs, sound notifications and case indicators. Simple UI upgrades within these elements helped them streamline their work by allowing them to focus on the most critical pieces of information.



Maximizing impact by focusing on the small things

MPSI analysts perform a lot of small actions hundreds of times, so we focused on them to make them simpler, quicker to perform and overall more efficient. For example, analysts constantly copy and paste information, so we modified the UI to make that a single-click, 1-second action, instead of a series of clicks that takes 5 or more seconds.

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