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Croatia’s #1 beer brand

Zagrebačka pivovara, a member of the global Molson Coors Beverage Company, fuels one of the largest communities in Croatia — beer lovers. As Croatia’s leading beer brewer, Zagrebačka pivovara uses Ožujsko, its most popular beer brand, to bring people together with their every campaign and activation.


Moja Žuja is a living organism, and our goal is to help it grow by continuously improving the in-app experience. The data we get from the app enables us to optimize and enhance Moja Žuja to make it even more amusing and engaging... and to create an even stronger long-term emotional connection with our target audience.

Karla Stojić Butorac

Media and Digital Manager at Molson Coors Beverage Company


Loyalty app for loyal fans

In order to delight the fans of Ožujsko beer even more, Zagrebačka pivovara tasked us with creating a loyalty application that would be fun, rewarding and informative — a mobile app that would enable Ožujsko to connect with its community even more, give out tons of prizes to its loyal customers and interact with them on a daily basis through various types of entertaining activities.



A part of the crew

As Ožujsko’s brand positioning revolves around friendship and the beer itself being a core part of its fans’ social lives, we designed the Moja Žuja application in a way that would convey those values. That is why the app itself feels like a close friend and a member of the crew — it’s here when you need it, it’s entertaining, it’s always ready to help out… and it can also hook you up with the tickets for the game.


Moja Žuja is an interesting opportunity for building a better experience for Ožujsko's consumers and a stronger relationship with the brand through everyday activities in the digital world combined with rewards and beer consumption in the real world.

Elena Crnković

Bornfight Design Team Lead


Connecting online with offline, and vice versa

But to truly become a member of the crew and embed itself into the lives of Ožujsko fans, Moja Žuja needed to go past its mobile and online aspects. It needed to connect with some of its users’ favorite activities — hanging out with friends and enjoying a drink or two at the bar.

We bridged that gap between online and offline by implementing QR codes and QR scanning into the app, as well as by partnering with a number of stores, bars and restaurants where Ožujsko is being sold. This functionality enables Ožujsko fans to get even more in-app points by using the app to scan specialized QR codes which are printed on receipts they receive whenever they buy or order Ožujsko beer in a partnering store, bar or restaurant.


Discovering something new every day

Moja Žuja comes with a fairly robust content and gamification system which was designed to ensure that users keep returning to the application every single day. This system is based on three main pillars that are seamlessly connected to maximize user experience.

These three pillars are:

  1. daily articles
  2. daily challenges
  3. rewards


Articles -> Challenges -> Rewards

As Ožujsko’s main user groups consist of beer lovers, sports lovers, music lovers and food lovers, a constant stream of fresh articles about these topics within the app keeps the users engaged as it functions as a curated news portal that covers the things they’re highly interested in.

This user engagement is further enhanced through a variety of daily challenges:

  1. Sports Maven – quiz about football, basketball, waterpolo…
  2. Rock Star – quiz about music, concerts, artists…
  3. Beer Genius – beer brewing and beer history quiz
  4. Result Predictions – weekly selection of games from Croatia’s football league

For every challenge they successfully complete, users get a certain number of bottle caps — in-app points that can be traded in for various types of exclusive rewards.


Football icons

In addition to the challenges mentioned above, Moja Žuja also partnered with Football Icons, one of the largest Croatian pages about football, as a way of further delighting its target audience. Since Football Icons are one of the most popular organizers of pub quizzes in Croatia, we put an exclusive thematic quiz into the app, which gives users an opportunity to win a variety of unique “Football Icons” t-shirts.



Delighting fans all over Croatia

To ensure that as many Ožujsko fans as possible could take full advantage of the application and collect in-app points by scanning codes, Zagrebačka pivovara partnered with more than 300 stores and HoReCa locations across Croatia. All these locations are now printing Moja Žuja’s QR codes on their receipts and allowing Ožujsko’s customers to stock up on points wherever they find themselves at — whether they’re having a drink at the neighborhood bar or doing their weekly shopping at a large supermarket.


What I really like about this app is that it is constantly being upgraded with new features and new content. While a lot of other loyalty apps only focus on one feature, Moja Žuja is constantly providing its users with something fresh.

Tomislav Smrečki

Bornfight Android Development Team Lead


Everyone can win

One of the key aspects of the Moja Žuja app, and one that makes it stand out from a majority of other loyalty applications, is that every user has a chance to win a variety of prizes — from tickets for sports matches and concerts to various gadgets, tools and exclusive Ožujsko merch.

The implemented feature that enables users to get app points by scanning QR codes that can be found on receipts is the fastest and easiest way for users to get big prizes, and it also perfectly accompanies one of Ožujsko’s fans’ favorite activities — enjoying a cold beer with friends.



Custom-made & app-exclusive merch

An element of the application that proved to be extremely popular among the users is the app-exclusive Ožujsko merch — a variety of apparel, tools and gadgets that can’t be won or acquired in any way other than through the application.

From t-shirts with custom design, hoodies, BBQ sets, beer coasters, tool belts, backpacks… Ožujsko has been creating limited-edition items on a weekly basis, and Ožujsko’s fans have been copping them as soon as they dropped.


New tech… new experiences…

In addition to rewards, challenges, articles, special promotions and other types of content that’s updated within the app on a daily basis, for Ožujsko’s larger campaigns and important events, we upgrade the application with new limited and exclusive features that bring an extra layer of entertainment and delight to users.

One such event was the 2018 World Cup — during this football extravaganza, we enhanced the app with an augmented reality feature that allowed users to enter the AR construct by scanning special cans of Ožujsko beer with the application, and see custom content made by the players of the Croatian national football team.



Working closely with the client during the last 4 years gave us the opportunity to develop the app from the initial idea to the fully functional product and we are still learning from our users and adapting the functionalities. We have more plans for the future and intend to expand the user base even further, using trending technologies for receipt scanning.

Mladen Geng

Bornfight Operations Manager


From fans and community to ambassadors and crew

Moja Žuja helped Ožujsko take its big community and make it even bigger and closer to each other… it made the fans feel like they’re a true part of the brand more than ever before — it made them a part of the Ožujsko crew. In addition to that, the app also enabled Zagrebačka pivovara to raise the bar higher and pave the way for other brands within the Molson Coors Beverage Company to embrace and leverage mobile tech.



Try and explore the Moja Žuja mobile application. Download it from the Play Store or the AppStore.

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