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Redesigning the way people create and edit videos

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The power of offline video editing — online

Motionden simplifies the process of creating and editing videos by taking the features found in top-of-the-line offline editing software and bringing them to the cloud. Its powerful tools allow users to quickly and easily create various types of animated videos right from their browsers — without the need to own powerful editing computers, use complicated software or have expert knowledge.



In the tool, we put an emphasis on enabling users to unleash their creativity, but we also added elements that guide them and prevent them from going overboard — all with the goal of maxing the quality of the videos they're making.

Mario Šimić

Bornfight Senior Digital Designer


Attract with the website, empower with the tool

As Motionden recently entered a new stage of growth, they wanted to upgrade their assets in a way that would represent that next level. To achieve that, they tasked us with redesigning their entire website in a way that would fit better with the company’s approach to video editing, and be more in sync with their marketing and sales activities. In addition to redesigning the web, we also needed to enhance the editing tool — all with the goal of maximizing the overall experience and providing users with even more creative control.



Embracing the boldness

When it came to redesigning the website, one of our primary objectives was to define the art direction that would encapsulate the innovative nature of Motionden, their solutions and their team. By digging deeper into the Motionden brand, we uncovered that the underlying theme behind each of their actions is to be bold. That is why all website elements, from the visuals, colors and typography to layouts, animations and transitions, have an enhanced presence — they are visually striking and quite powerful.



Good design is a connection of intentional functionality and beautiful aesthetics. While executing on even the smallest bits of experience, our goal was to create clear and bold visual communication whose aim is to accommodate future extension of product offering.

Mario Šestak

Bornfight Head of Design

All modular everything

Since Motionden as a business is expanding rapidly, the website also needed to be able to scale and follow that growth. To achieve that, we designed a superset of custom modules and visual elements, and built the entire website out of them. And in addition to that, the Motionden team can access all of those modules through a CMS and use them to create new, unique-looking landing pages for their marketing and lead-generation campaigns, as well as future products.



The entire project was extremely smooth — from the communication which resulted in a high amount of mutual trust between us and the Motionden team, to our newly-implemented quick feedback process which saved us a bunch of time.

Petar Zeman

Bornfight Junior Digital Designer

Unchaining creativity…

With the editing tool, our priority was to focus on users’ creativity and provide them with all of the functionalities they need in order to turn their ideas into videos — from easily modifying footage and adding different scenes to inserting effects, editing music and anything in between. We did it by building the main layout of the tool around the central scenes panel which highlights the footage a user is currently working on, while the tools and available options for each of the scenes are placed within the inspector menus.


…without a steep learning curve

As the goal of Motionden is to enable anyone to create videos, we redesigned the tool in a way that allows users to adapt it to their needs. It comes with a wide variety of predefined themes, variants, palettes and visual elements that enable anyone to simply drag and drop them onto their footage, modify a few parameters and end up with a great looking video, while at the same time giving more experienced users complete control over the entire suite of advanced features.



Little details, big impact

To maximize the overall user experience within the tool, we implemented a variety of functionalities that speed up and simplify the workflow. From smaller elements like pronounced UNDO/REDO buttons and an error detection system that shows users what they need to fix before exporting the video, all the way to real-time rendering that occurs in the background — every element is created and implemented in a way that streamlines the entire process of creating and editing videos.



From beginning to end of our product journey, it was clear to us that Bornfight takes their work just as seriously as we do ours. Their willingness to help us better serve our customers was self-evident. They took the time to understand our business needs, and molded our ideas into an improved product experience.

Maurice Ramos

Motionden CEO

Consulting, communication, transparency, execution

Success of this product was deeply rooted in the client-agency relationship we built during the course of this project — that was a crucial element as Motionden wasn’t looking for an agency that would just execute on orders, but a consultant and a partner who would provide feedback, guide and use their experience to upgrade the overall product. By combining our expertise in web production and creating custom software with our client’s vision and knowledge of the industry, we were able to create an advanced solution that redesigns the way people create and edit videos.

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