Growing a brand by building awareness with a digital business card

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Fast connections, zero interruptions

Omonia is a telecommunications company that focuses on providing businesses with fiber-optic Internet access. As a business, Omonia specializes in creating high-demand solutions for big companies and strives to provide the highest quality of service, reliable network and stability to their users.



Converting the word of mouth

Even though they had no online presence, Omonia was a well-known name in the region. Their business grew due to the high quality of their services and extremely positive word of mouth. As they decided to grow their company beyond regional markets, they needed a strong online brand that would match that word of mouth.



Speed, responsibility and efficiency

To start the branding process, we conducted a series of workshops with Omonia’s stakeholders in order to determine key values of the brand. We then further upgraded those elements by defining brand’s primary user personas, as well as their goals and the way Omonia as a brand enables them to grow.


Branding and visual identity were created around the core of Omonia’s business, which consists of delivering uninterrupted streams of data. Or in more digital terms – zeros and ones.

Embrace the zero and the one

After we defined Omonia’s main brand traits, personality and tone of voice, it was time to create a logotype as a hero form of visual identity. Together with the client, we agreed that the logotype needs to be anchored in Omonia’s business, while having a contemporary character and a sophisticated style.



Built around users’ needs

In addition to branding, we also designed and developed a modern website that acts as Omonia’s digital business card. Website’s structure and content is tailored for their primary target audience of business owners, so it clearly and directly communicates how their businesses will benefit from Omonia’s specific services.



Serious about speed, focused on going forward

Every element on the website presents core aspects of the brand – from modern visuals that depict constant motion and extremely short content that goes straight to the point, all the way to simplified flow of main pages. Every element presents Omonia’s speed, responsibility and efficiency.



Explore the complete Omonia website at

Scope of work

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Quality Assurance
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