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Founding successful companies by combining great ideas with business expertise, capital and technical execution.

What we do

Co-founding your company with Bornfight means you get a team of product builders, business operators, entrepreneurs and fund-raisers.

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Co-creating impactful companies by sharing risks and rewards.

“I see Elevien as a training ground where new generations of athletes will be born. Digitalization through such platforms, which are not built as a replacement for current tournament systems, but their improvement, can be the future of gymnastics and many other sports.”

Marko Pipunić

Investor, Elevien

“The Bornfight team actively participates in our company development and ideas that we want to implement. In some segments of our business, they think two or three steps ahead of us.”

Mia Pavelić

Executive Director, Camping Šimuni

How we work with founders

If we see the potential for long-term growth in your idea, we’ll help you validate it and we’ll invest our team and resources to get it built and scaled. As your company grows, we’ll find and connect you with additional people and investment.

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