Ljubicic Tennis Academy wins Awwwards Site of the Day

We are delighted to announce that the website we created for the Ljubicic Tennis Academy won an Awwwards Site of the Day (SOTD) Award!

There are only 7 studios and agencies from Croatia that have won the SOTD award, and from a total of 21 SOTD awards, 8 times it went to Bornfight. This is an extraordinary accomplishment for both Croatia and our company, and we’re honored to be recognized both by the Awwwards jury and the voters from across the globe.


For the same project, we won 3 other awards – Mobile Excellence, Honorable Mention and Developer Award, and we’re honored to be the only company in Croatia that has ever won the Developer Award. An achievement like this means a lot for the whole team that was working on this project, but also for every person working here at Bornfight.

Who and how decides the winners?

As they like to say, Awwwards is a meeting point where digital design professionals from all across the globe find inspiration, impart knowledge and experience, connect, and share constructive, respectful critiques.

Fairness is the key to evaluating each website submitted to Awwwards, so they created a transparent and rigorous evaluation system based on 4 criteria: Design, Usability, Creativity and Content. Awwwards Jury consists of a minimum of 18 Jury members that are among the top world-renowned professionals and experts.

As a designer working on this project, I especially liked the opportunity to create a new design direction from an already-existing brand. Through a partnership model of collaboration and mutual trust from the very beginning of cooperation, we have met all the needs of the client and exceeded the original expectations.

— Hrvoje Kraljević, Bornfight Digital Designer

What does this award mean to Bornfight?

Receiving these awards is what differentiates us from many other digital agencies and IT companies from all across the globe. We have an award-winning team that consists of top experts that work on amazing projects, such as Ljubicic Tennis Academy — a place that will gather professional tennis players, amateurs and enthusiasts from all over the world.

This award is real proof of how much can be achieved when there is understanding and trust on both sides — both ours and the clients’. As a result of this cooperation, we got this award-winning website which is just the beginning of the story of the academy, but also a partnership that we continue to nourish.

— Zoran Završki, COO & Creative front-end developer at BORNFIGHT STUDIO®

For this project, everything was done from scratch — the process of building the academy, infrastructure and team happened at the same time as we worked on the web structure, new brand and positioning, and through an open communication full of trust, we created a team of experts that can tackle any challenge.

This is just the first phase of this project and we can’t wait to launch a full website in the upcoming months.

Take a look at our Awwwards profile and check out the Ljubicic Tennis Academy website!