Happy clients or happy employees? We have both!

2020 was one of the most challenging years so far, and here at Bornfight, there is nothing we love more than a good challenge. Not only did we survive, but we thrived and won 2 awards coming from different fronts — our clients and our employees.

For seven years in a row, Clutch has been encouraging global B2B companies to present their services and collect customer satisfaction ratings — and it is a great challenge to rise in such a market and stand out among many successful companies. On the other hand, employee satisfaction and good working conditions in the company are also extremely important. Well, in 2020, we can say that we were placed among the best in both categories — we were named one of Clutch’s Top 1000 B2B companies and we were also named the second best employer in Croatia in the category of mid-sized companies.

Clutch identifies Clutch Leaders by interviewing clients from all over the world

Clutch, the leading global research agency for ranking IT companies, publishes lists of the world’s best B2B companies each year, ranking them according to customer satisfaction ratings. In order for the results to be comprehensive and objective, Clutch analysts interview companies’ clients over the phone, which ensures verified and unbiased reviews. To see the full list of 2020 Top 1,000 companies, click here!

Each year, our company takes the time to highlight the top tier industry leaders in the global B2B market. With an impressive background of projects, responsive customer service, and superior skillsets in their fields, these companies have proven time and again that they’re the best choice when selecting a B2B provider. — Mike Beares, Founder of Clutch

When we reached the stage of company development in which we could confidently say that we have a team and processes that can compete globally, we decided to join Clutch – a platform that provides us with an external objective view of our company and its quality. Since Clutch’s positioning algorithm takes into account customer ratings, business results, quality of marketing activities and presence in the community, it is a valuable indicator and a motivator to keep all these criteria at the highest possible level. 

Clutch is the leader when it comes to connecting global service providers with corporate buyers from around the world, and they awarded us with the title of a global Clutch Leader in one of the most challenging years so far. It is our extreme honor to be recognized by our clients in the global B2B market and we’ll strive to get even better in the upcoming years. 

From the beginning to end of our product journey, it was clear to us that Bornfight takes their work just as seriously as we do ours. Their willingness to help us better-serve our customers was self-evident. They took the time to understand our business needs, and molded our ideas into an improved product experience. — Maurice Ramos, Motionden CEO

In addition to connecting clients to some of the top service providers, Clutch gives all clients a detailed insight into our previous work with project descriptions, success goals, ways of cooperation and communication. By simply searching on Clutch, any company looking for a digital service can get a quick overview of leading companies from a particular category and/or country.

MojPosao rewards the best employers in Croatia

An anonymous survey conducted every year by the MojPosao portal provides insight into which Croatian companies have the best working conditions and the most satisfied employees. This year, the survey was conducted on 4,300 employees who completed a questionnaire that consists of 78 claims regarding working conditions in the company. Employee satisfaction is explored in a variety of categories — from employee loyalty, working conditions and commitment to work, all the way to interpersonal relationships, company communication and personal development.

For the fourteenth year in a row, MojPosao awarded the best employers in Croatia, and we won an award in the category of mid-sized companies.

In this survey, MojPosao gathered results from 54 of 58 employees who were working at Bornfight when the survey took place. Our employees gave us the highest rates in the following categories:

  • Involvement in Decision Making (3.79 out of a maximum of 4)
  • Interpersonal Relations (3.76 out of a maximum of 4)
  • Working Conditions (3.72 out of a maximum of 4)

And in addition to that, and we have 0% of unmotivated and unhappy employees!

This year, we have achieved the highest overall score since we started participating in the survey (3,39 out of a maximum of 4) and it was the toughest year so far. 

But, how did we accomplish that in a year full of terror, crisis and world pandemic? 

Some may say it’s because of our transparent seniority system for professional development, which we published at the beginning of 2020 and because we made our salary ranges public and available for anyone. Others may say it’s because we adapt all processes to be ideal for a specific service, and to give every person at Bornfight an opportunity to dive more deeply into their area of interest. We truly believe that the main reason is Bornfight’s company culture. Being surrounded by so many creative individuals who are passionate and determined to get the best out of everything, and are always there to help you and support you every step of the way — is the best part of being a part of our team. 

This year has been challenging for everyone, and it has shown us that we have great people who can adapt quickly to new situations. And to make this adaptation as easy as possible for them, we have introduced complete flexibility when it comes to the place and time of work. Also, all employees are familiar with the financial condition of the company, we have structured seniority levels and announced expectations for each of the levels. — Tomislav Grubišić, Bornfight CEO

Why are these awards important to employers?

Being honored with the 2020 Clutch Leader title is a huge achievement, as Clutch lists over 150,000 agencies. We work really closely with our clients, there is a lot of cooperation to make it clear to everyone what problem is being solved, and what opportunities are being created. We have positive feedback from clients – they love our approach and mindset because we re-examine all the ideas with them, and because we work together when we’re deciding on the ideal approach that will provide them with the greatest possible value. This kind of partnership with our clients proved to work great as it resulted in bringing great products to the market and leaving clients satisfied with the projects.

To find out what our clients say about their cooperation with our team, visit out our Clutch profile!

We are proud to work with great companies and I want to thank them for giving us feedback on the collaboration and enabling us to have a place on this list. I also want to thank all Bornfight members who work diligently with our clients every day – I would like for this award to be another motivation for them to continue to do so. — Petra Ignjatović, Bornfight Head of Marketing & PR

The survey on employee engagement and satisfaction conducted by MojPosao has proven to be a great way to monitor the company’s progress from year to year because, in addition to giving a clearer picture of what employees think about the companies they work for, it gives employers relevant insight into what their employees actually value, and what should be worked on.

Want to join our team?

Here at Bornfight, you’ll be surrounding yourself with passionate teammates that are pushing the boundaries of the way you work and think. A lot of exploring and experimenting with the unknown is the most exciting part of working in our teams, and we are constantly growing and are looking for new talents to join us. If you would like to become a part of Bornfight, check out our open positions here and apply!