How to write a website brief + FREE TEMPLATE

A website brief is a starting point in the process of creating a website for your business. It is an important part of a potential collaboration between you as a client and us as a web development agency.

Download our free guide and template that will help you define the main segments of the website brief.

Before we show you what a website brief consists of, let’s first start with why your business even needs a website.

Why exactly does your business need a website?

You can look at your website as one of the most important parts of your online presence. It is a selling tool that helps you grow your business. Currently, there are just a bit under 400 million active websites, but there are a lot more people who will research the companies they intend to purchase from or do business with. 

The website is your best employee – it works 24/7 and, if done correctly, it can answer most of the questions your customers might have at any given time. 

Providing answers to questions that are common can save you and your employees or colleagues a lot of time, and can give you some extra hours to work on things that are more valuable to your business. It generates new users and customers when you are not even looking. So whether you plan on using your website as a selling platform or just to give your potential customers some more information – having a great website should be one of your highest priorities. 

Now that we briefly explained the importance of having a website, let’s move onto the website brief. 

Website brief

A website is one of the foundations for long-term business planning, which makes a website brief a starting point that will guide the process of creating a website that’s relevant to your business. The process of creating a website brief is the first phase of the entire web development – it includes close collaboration between you and the development agency, as well as digging deep into your business and gathering specific insights about your company that will help in setting up other production phases.

While writing a website brief, the goal is to focus on your company’s challenges, opportunities, targets and markets. It is important for us to understand your business, as that will help us define why, what and how should your new website work.

When you’re sharing your vision and expectations about the website, focus on details and be thorough, but at the same time, transfer information as clearly as possible. When an agency and the client are fully on the same page, then you can be sure that the developed website will be the right one for the business – one that will help the client achieve its business goals.

What should a good website brief include?

Even though projects can be very different and can have different business goals in mind, a good brief consists of the following information:

  • Company profile
  • Goals and objectives
  • Target user groups
  • Competitors
  • Project overview
  • Design 
  • Development
  • Content 
  • Maintenance
  • Budget and deadline

This information will help us understand your business and your needs better, and that will result in a better solution

Free website brief template and guide

To help you out with writing a website brief, we created a free guide and a detailed template that will give you more information about different aspects of a good website brief and guide you through the preparation process. 

If you’re interested in cooperating with a company that’s not just a supplier, but a business partner, you can fill out the brief and send us your inquiry.

Download our free guide and template that will help you define the main segments of the website brief.