Improve your business processes with mobile apps

Clients often approach us with requests to rethink their business communication over WhatsApp or Facebook because these tools don’t meet their requirements.


Facebook, WhatsApp and other similar mobile apps are great for chatting and posting holiday photos, but what about the business aspect of it?

Private social networks

When advancing their communication and collaboration towards digital solutions, a lot of companies will use some of the more popular web tools and apps as a first step. Many start with private groups on Facebook as their official communication channels, some use Slack, others stick to standard email threads. But, when your business is rapidly growing, standard tools no longer meet your requirements and custom solutions become a more desirable option.

The prime example of such a need is a private social network.
For large companies with lots of employees, internally sharing knowledge and information becomes very challenging. If you use private groups made available by popular social networks for such communication, a lot of important information could get lost and unseen.


We created a private social network for one of our clients who had challenges with streaming important information from top positions in the company to all of the members of the organization. It was important that those pieces of information don’t get lost among all less important info, friends activities and advertisement. For this reason, only members of the top positions within the company were able to post new information into the main feed.

However, to avoid one-way communication and encourage all members of the organization to participate in information and knowledge sharing, every user was allowed to post comments and add reactions to the posts.

One additional benefit of such private social networks is the privacy and data independency. Your custom app solution comes with a private data server that is fully under your control!

The real private chat

Maybe you don’t need a full fledged social network with posts, reactions and comments. But, have you ever thought how much easier your company communication would be if you had a customized chat application rather than using WhatsApp or Messenger groups?

Chat apps may seem like reinventing the wheel, but there are some clear benefits when creating a custom solution. First of all, classified data and messages will always stay within your app. With admin privileges, you can control access for your users and revoke access to some if needed.

Depending on your business requirements, we can implement private (one-on-one) chats, private group chats or even public group chats (broadcast channels). Additionally, for apps with classified information, we are often asked to disable the ability to take screenshots to keep your data even more safe.

Custom business features

Besides data privacy and content management, custom apps will enable you to implement custom features for your specific business. Let’s say you have an employee rewards program. For example, in the POSITIVE app we developed, users can give virtual medals to their colleagues. You can use similar features to reward your most valuable employees on a monthly basis.

Not to keep everything just on communication, let’s do some work. POSITIVE app I mentioned above also comes with a task list which enables managers to assign tasks to their employees.

The type of media that you can upload can also be restrictive on some apps. Or maybe there are too many options for it and you for example only need to upload PDF files. All of this can be fully customized according to your business needs.

Selective push notifications are also an important part of communication for the clients we work with and their organizations. That’s why all of our products come with an admin interface where you can send out push notifications to selected users or groups of users. Pretty handy, right?

Control means responsibility

A simple WhatsApp or Facebook group chat may be enough for your type of business, but if all your business requirements aren’t met by them and there’s a hint that your business could benefit from a custom internal app, we can guide you through the process to define and develop the perfect solution.

Custom apps mean greater flexibility and data control, but that also means you have to be responsible and use the data only in a manner that would benefit your employees, their productivity and the growth of your business.