Grow your business with custom mobile apps

Create new growth opportunities for your company with a mobile application fully tailored to the needs of your customers and employees.

Create more business value

Depending on the business model of your company, incorporating mobile technology will enable you to create more business opportunities and generate extra value for the company.

User engagement - mobile applications

Create greater B2C engagement opportunities

Utilize specific mobile app features to provide your users with a better experience, increase engagement, boost sales and keep your brand on your users’ phones at all times.

b2b sales - mobile applications

Simplify sales for your B2B buyers

Make business processes like sales, ordering and reporting easier for your B2B partners and clients. Enable them to access all the materials they need from their mobile devices.

Internal process - mobile applications

Upgrade internal processes

Utilize mobile applications and technology to digitize your traditional processes, as well as to enable your employees to be more efficient and more satisfied with their work.

New product - mobile applications

Create a new product or service

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, your new business venture should be placed on the market by following the MVP approach which is then further optimized.


Improving internal communication in a multinational enterprise

With over 2000 employees across 8 countries, our client needed a reliable communication channel that would enable all members to get relevant information at any time. Beyond enabled them to connect with each other across regions, strengthen the feeling of being a part of one large team and boosted transparency by promoting two-way communication between management and employees.


Providing thousand of users with work & travel opportunities is a Canadian-based community platform which gives tens of thousands of people the opportunity to discover a foreign country and its culture, while being allowed to work through a work permit or a visa. The mobile application is a crucial element of the process, as it guides users and provides them with free content they need to successfully obtain a work visa.


Enabling users to monitor news about their brand 24/7/365

Mediatoolkit’s core user group consists of PR professionals and marketers who want to be aware of the communication surrounding their brand at all times, so they needed a new mobile application that would compliment their web tool. One that would support their users’ workflows during off hours by constantly keeping them in the loop, without taking over their free time.

See what our clients say

Communication with Bornfight was open and straightforward, they focused on understanding the details to deliver the best solution. We had regular follow ups and their response was always quick. Reliable team in every sense of the word.

Maja Djumlija

Corporate Communications Manager at BAT

Bornfight’s development team is very strong, and we were all very impressed with what the development and design teams came up with.

Chloe Ravat

Marketing Manager at Lufthansa

Bornfight understands what does or doesn’t make sense for mobile users, so it’s no surprise that a lot of our users praised the new app’s intuitiveness and ease of use.

Antun Tomašević

Product Manager at Mediatoolkit

Interested in upgrading your business with a custom mobile application?
Mobile application production
Step 1 of the mobile application development process at Bornfight

Discovery and planning

The initial phase of every project where our team learns about your business and the app we are going to build. Requirements defined during this phase will be used as a reference point during development and design. This is also the phase where we align visions and desired project outcomes, set clear goals and define KPIs.

Step 2 of the mobile application development process at Bornfight


Design process starts by creating wireframes of the solution, the application flow and specific features. In this phase, we test different variations of the app design and ideas with users, and then iterate and optimize to achieve the best experience.

Step 3 of the mobile application development process at Bornfight

Backend development

For mobile applications that require a content management system (CMS) or some sort of remote data fetching, API documentation is created as a tool for backend-mobile handover. To achieve this, we mainly use Swagger or Apiary.

Step 4 of the mobile application development process at Bornfight

Mobile development

This is the phase where we start with native mobile app development that’s based on the design from the previous phase. During this phase, we develop and implement app-side business logic, and this is also when all user flows, checks and validations happen.

Step 5 of the mobile application development process at Bornfight

Quality assurance

All of our code is automatically checked by a continuous integration (CI) system as the first step of quality assurance. If it passes CI tests, then the code is reviewed by our mobile developers and then thoroughly tested by the Quality Assurance team.

Step 6 of the mobile application development process at Bornfight

App release

For internal testing and client review, we use Crashlytics Beta and TestFlight. After an app passes a client review and gets the approval, we’ll prepare for the release on the App Store and Play Store. We take care of the entire process and launch the application after it’s been reviewed by the App Store and the Play Store.

Benefits of working with us

Our clients and partners singled out these aspects as primary reasons they chose us to ideate, design and develop custom mobile applications for their businesses.

agile process - Custom Software Development

Agile process

We utilize agile development methodologies which are focused on maximizing the value for your business and your users, and therefore result in complete transparency and flexibility during all production phases.

MVP process - Custom Software Development

MVP approach

By following the MVP approach to building mobile apps, we can ensure continuous progress and rapid incremental development, and through regular meetings and reports, you’ll know exactly how the project is advancing.

Expertise - Bornfight Mobile Apps Development


We will provide you with a dedicated team of strategy, design and development experts who’ll make sure that your application is delivered exactly as planned, and that it meets the needs of your users and your business.

Technology - Bornfight Mobile Apps Development


To make your application stand out and achieve set goals, we can implement it with a wide variety of cutting edge mobile features and technologies, such as advanced payment systems, augmented reality and many more.

Mobile devices and platforms

We design and develop visually and technologically advanced mobile applications for both Android as well as Apple devices.

Smartphone - Bornfight Mobile Apps Development


Tablet - Bornfight Mobile Apps Development


Smartwatch - Bornfight Mobile Apps Development


SmartTV - Bornfight Mobile Apps Development

Smart TV

Mobile development tools

Our tech stack for building native mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms.

  • Android

    • Kotlin

    • Android Studio

    • Firebase

    • ARCore

  • iOS

    • Swift

    • Xcode

    • RxSwift

    • ARKit

  • Digital Design

    • Zeplin

    • Abstract

    • InVision

    • Principle

  • Quality Assurance

    • XCTest

    • SwiftLint

    • fastlane

    • Gitlab CI

Developing long-lasting partnerships

These companies trusted us as their partners for mobile app development.

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