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Digital solutions we build

We design and develop a variety of advanced software solutions that are fully customized to fit the needs of your business and employees, as well as your users and customers.

SaaS - Custom Software Development

Software as a Service

web applications - Custom Software Development

Web applications

mobile applications - Custom Software Development

Hybrid applications

Digital Assets Power Play

Connecting all crypto trading markets into one centralized hub

As the goal of Digital Assets Power Play is to empower crypto traders by simplifying the trading process and allowing anyone to trade like a professional, they tasked us with creating DataStreams – an infinitely scalable platform that analyzes market data and discovers trading opportunities from hundreds of exchanges and thousands of markets in real time.


Simplifying the way companies do media intelligence

Mediatoolkit is a 24/7 media monitoring and analytics tool that gathers information from more than 100 million online sources. It notifies users in real time whenever their company, competitors, key people from their organisations or any other keyword they decide to track is mentioned online. The tool is created to be infinitely scalable and to enable users to customize it to suit their workflow.

Eye On The Goal

Digitizing the process of strategic planning in school districts

After nearly a decade of trial & error with the digital transformation of their business model, Performance Fact came to us to rethink, design and develop an intensive strategic planning and school improvement system. The system would be used to accelerate student learning through the continuous improvement of strategic planning, teaching, leadership and organizational practices.

Tailored solutions for every type of business need

Enhance your business with custom software that will address your specific needs and enable you to support your company’s growth.

New product - mobile applications

Create a new product or service

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, your new business venture should be placed on the market by following the MVP approach.

User engagement - mobile applications

Create greater B2C engagement opportunities

Create customer-facing applications that will help you expand your market share, as well as engage and retain your users through advanced UX.

b2b sales - mobile applications

Simplify your B2B processes

Make processes like sales, ordering and reporting easier for your B2B partners, by giving them single-point access to all the materials they need.

Internal process - mobile applications

Upgrade internal processes

Enable your employees to be more efficient and more satisfied by utilizing apps to streamline processes, enhance cooperation and enable efficient planning.

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We deliver with agility & quality

The success of software comes from the experience of our in-house experts, as well as the process and approach we use.

Expertise - Bornfight Mobile Apps Development


We are a team of equally great designers (UI/UX), developers (front, back, mobile) and quality assurance specialists.

Process - Bornfight Mobile Apps Development


The process we use is both agile and flexible – we focus on what’s important to your business and adapt the process to fit your needs.

focus - Custom Software Development


Every decision that is made during the project completely revolves around your business goals – this aspect guides the production process.

transparency - Custom Software Development


We practice full transparency, so you can see exactly what has been done and how much budget has been spent at any point.

organization - Custom Software Development


A dedicated project manager continuously organizes the work, coordinates communication, re-evaluates requirements and manages risks.

architecture - Custom Software Development


We’re focused on creating project architecture that’s future-proof, and we write it in a clean and stable code that’s easy to maintain.

See what our clients say

Communication with Bornfight was open and straightforward, they focused on understanding the details to deliver the best solution. We had regular follow ups and their response was always quick. Reliable team in every sense of the word.

Maja Djumlija

Corporate Communications Manager at British American Tobacco

Bornfight’s development team is very strong, and we were all very impressed with what the development and design teams came up with.

Chloe Ravat

Marketing Manager at Lufthansa

Bornfight understands what does or doesn’t make sense for mobile users, so it’s no surprise that a lot of our users praised the new app’s intuitiveness and ease of use.

Antun Tomašević

Product Manager at Mediatoolkit

Software development tools

Our tech stack for building custom software and digital products.

  • Front-end development

    • HTML

    • CSS

    • JavaScript (Vue.js, React)

  • Back-end development

    • PHP (Symfony)

    • Node.js (TypeScript)

  • Databases

    • MySQL

    • MariaDB

    • PostgreSQL

    • MongoDB

  • Distributed systems

    • Apache Kafka

    • Redis

  • DevOps

    • Ansible

    • Jenkins

  • Infrastructure

    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Custom software production

To create advanced software, we follow agile methodologies and the MVP approach.

Step 1 of the mobile application development process at Bornfight


The initial phase of every project where our team learns about your business and the solution we are going to build. Based on gathered info, we are able to create recommendations about building the best product. This is also the phase where we align visions and desired project outcomes, set clear goals and define KPIs.

Step 2 of the mobile application development process at Bornfight


With discovery findings in mind, we’ll create a high-level plan to achieve one or more business goals, while keeping the product user-centered. Features and requirements defined during this phase will be used as a reference point in further development and design processes.

Step 3 of the mobile application development process at Bornfight

UX/UI design

Design process starts by creating wireframes of the solution, defining user flows and specific features. In this phase, we test different variations of possible UX/UI elements and ideas with users, and then iterate and optimize to achieve the best experience.

Step 4 of the mobile application development process at Bornfight

Architecture design

As architecture affects the reliability and performance, as well as upgradeability of software that’s being built, we make sure to create one that fits the product requirements, easily integrates with other software you’re using and can be scaled according to your needs.

Step 5 of the mobile application development process at Bornfight


We use the latest tech to ensure that created solutions are future-proof. We also follow the agile approach to creating software, which enables us to be flexible when it comes to working on specific functionalities, while still delivering updates on a regular basis.

Step 6 of the mobile application development process at Bornfight


All of our code is automatically checked by a continuous integration (CI) system as the first step of testing. This enables us to reveal and prevent any potential risks and issues that might have occurred during the later stages of the development process.

Step 7 of the mobile application development process at Bornfight

Quality Assurance

Through regular code reviews, test planning and quality analysis, our QA team continuously ensures the maximum quality of software we’re building – from the first line of code to regular maintenance and iterations after the launch.

Step 8 of the mobile application development process at Bornfight


We make structured iterations of software the core of our developments process, as the MVP approach we follow is strongly focused on quickly creating the first version of the solution and then making incremental upgrades based on user feedback.

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