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Smartphone-powered (r)evolution of gymnastics

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World sport, home ground

Elevien is a sports application that enables gymnasts to compete in international tournaments from their own gyms or training facilities — all they need is a smartphone and an internet connection.



You are an athlete, you need to compete

The idea for Elevien was created during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic when all sports competitions were shut down. We needed to find a solution to keep the sport going by redefining the way competitions are organized and conducted. And we found it in smartphones.



Global competitions on your smartphone

As the first all-in-one application for organising and participating in sports competitions, Elevien takes full advantage of mobile tech to provide users with the tools they need to create, compete in and judge gymnastics tournaments.

The only thing users need in order to use Elevien is:

  1. an iOS or an Android smartphone
  2. with a stable internet connection
  3. and a camera that can record video in FullHD



4-in-1 kind of platform

Elevien consists of four specific aspects built for its four primary user groups.

  1. ORGANIZER enables users to quickly create, promote and scale gymnastics tournaments and competitions
  2. GYMNAST gives athletes the opportunity to compete in local and international tournaments from their own gyms
  3. TRAINER enables club owners and trainers to manage teams, monitor performance and modify competition strategies
  4. JUDGE gives sports officials a chance to judge exercises through their mobile devices and get paid for their work

Elevien’s fifth group of users is the public — fans of gymnastics who can use the platform to follow the competitions and to further increase the global popularity of the sport.



1000x growth

By making gymnastics available to everyone, Elevien supercharges the popularity and the appeal of the entire sport, while at the same time exponentially increasing the number of new competing athletes, available competitions, prize pools and the overall quality of global gymnastics itself.



Elevien encourages tournament organizers to create and grow new competitions by:

  1. enabling them to set up entire tournaments in a few minutes
  2. automating the process of contest creation
  3. allowing them to create custom tournament formats
    • single-day events
    • multi-day competitions
    • full tournament seasons
  4. eliminating complex logistics of organizing a tournament
  5. providing financial value for creating tournaments
  6. giving them full ownership of their competitions


Train. Compete. Triumph. Repeat.

For athletes, Elevien is a game-changer as it completely redefines the way they can enter and participate in gymnastics competitions.



The app provides athletes with more possibilities to compete, win and improve their skills and global standings by:

  1. enabling athletes to compete from their own gyms
  2. eliminating the need to travel in order to compete
  3. providing a higher number of available tournaments
  4. digitalizing the competition process by recording exercises
  5. getting scored and reviewed by top-level gymnastics judges
  6. being open to all gymnast levels — from beginners to elites


Crafted for every club

Elevien is built to support gymnastics clubs of all sizes — from the small ones with only a handful of members to massive powerhouses with thousands of members.



They can all be connected through trainers who can:

  1. enter club members into tournaments
  2. track tournaments their athletes have entered
  3. record their athletes’ exercises
  4. review recorded performances
  5. see real-time tournament standings


From the comfort of wherever

Elevien offers sports officials full flexibility when it comes to entering gymnastics tournaments and scoring exercises.



It is the next big thing in gymnastics judging because it:

  1. gives judges the option to score exercises from wherever they are
  2. offers real-time judging
  3. has the option for slow motion video
  4. enables judges to stop and continue judging as needed
  5. makes judging faster and more streamlined
  6. offers multi-device support for more flexibility


Minimal costs, maximal effect

Elevien reduces the costs and time needed to organize, judge and compete in gymnastics competitions by a factor of 100. This makes the entire sport more available and enables all gymnasts, trainers, judges, organizers and fans to focus on the most important aspect — gymnastics itself.



Add-on, instead of a substitute

To maximize its impact, the app was built to function both as a standalone tournament platform, but also as an add-on that complements existing gymnastics competitions.



Elevien enhances traditional competitions by:

  1. streamlining the process of organization
  2. expanding the number of contestants
  3. helping discover new gymnastics talents
  4. giving users the flexibility to choose how to participate
  5. providing financial benefits to all key user groups
  6. enhancing the global appeal of the sport


You get paid, and you get paid… everyone gets paid

Gymnastics, even on the elite level, is not one of those sports that can make athletes extremely wealthy. To get gymnastics a bit closer to other top-paying sports, Elevien has a set of mechanisms that enables users to get financial benefits through it.

  1. Athletes can compete for tournament prize money
  2. Judges get paid for every tournament they enter and score
  3. Organizers get a percentage of the registration fees



FullHD, 4K and beyond

As the most advanced sports recording mobile app, Elevien lets users record broadcast-ready exercise videos without the need for expensive equipment. Everything is done with smartphones and their integrated cameras.


Pushing the edge of tech

Tech we implemented into Elevien enables it to take full advantage of the latest video systems and ultra-fast 5G networks to instantly deliver videos from the gyms to the judges — wherever they are in the world.


Plan B and C and D

The app has a number of contingency mechanisms that keep video transfer seamless even in situations where users only have access to low-level internet speeds. This makes Elevien accessible across the globe.



No cheating

Elevien uses a multitude of simple and advanced mechanisms to prevent all possibilities of cheating, such as unique competition codes as well as video depth mapping.


Smart moves

The app guides users through the actions by sending them intelligent recommendations and notifications about exercise recording times and the judging process.



From mo to super slow-mo

Elevien displays recordings at speeds ranging from 60 to 240 frames per seconds. It slows the playback on super fast movements and reverts to normal on basic moves.



For athletes. For judges. For trainers. For fans.

Elevien brings gymnastics to everyone. Every gym, every athlete and every fan. It is the biggest step in sport digitalisation that challenges the status quo in sports more than anything before it.

Scope of work

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  • Product Concept
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  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • Product Roadmapping
  • User Experience
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  • MVP Definition
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  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Back-end Development
  • Front-end Development
  • Web Development
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
Quality Assurance
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  • Performance Testing
  • Functionality Testing