Booking & property management system for camping businesses

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  • Product Roadmap
  • Go-to-market Strategy
  • Funding
  • Product Design
  • Software Development

From booking to checkout

SWEN is an all-in-one booking and property management platform made to fit specific needs of campsites and campsite management. It offers its users a set of advanced functionalities and automated processes that simplify the process of handling guests — from the initial booking request, through their stay at the camp and all the way to checkout.


Why are camps using software for hotels…

Because of the lack of viable alternatives, campsite administrators are forced to use complex and inflexible booking and management software that is often primarily built for hotels and hotel chains. This means they need to make lots of compromises or use multiple unconnected platforms instead of having one centralized hub that can do it all.

These workarounds prevent campsites from maximizing their business potential and result in:

  • difficult onboarding of new employees
  • long guest booking process
  • inefficiencies in conducting day-to-day operational activities

Modular customization instead of workarounds

SWEN removes the need for any workarounds or compromises. This is because, in addition to being specifically built to meet the needs of campsites and to easily implement into their business processes, SWEN is also modular when it comes to the implementation of new functionalities and integrations.

Because of this modularity, SWEN can be customized to fit a wide variety of different needs that campsites and their staff might have. It offers its users a core set of functionalities that all campsites have a need for, as well as a large number of extras that can be added if a specific camp requires them.


Hub for all camping activities

SWEN combines property management, channel management and yield management into one application, and seamlessly connects with a specific camp’s booking platform of choice.

In its core version, SWEN handles:

  • management of camping accommodations
  • reservation management
  • financial module for all incoming and outgoing payments
  • integrations with relevant supportive tools
  • check-in process
  • check-out process


It consists of 8 connected modules that provide specific functionalities:

#1 calendar module

  • real-time vacancies
  • accommodation category and subcategory management
  • advanced filtering

#2 communications module

  • centralized communication
  • multilingual message templates
  • real-time notification system

#3 support services module

  • automated support service additions
  • reliable cost control

#4 packages and discounts module

  • advanced management capabilities
  • discount automatization

#5 billing module

  • invoice creation
  • cancellation and refunds
  • flexible payment options
  • accounting system integration

#6 localization module

  • multilingual documentation
  • dynamic document translation

#7 check-in/check-out module

  • guest ID scanning
  • guest registration

#8 parcel lease module

  • offer creation
  • lease contract management
  • guest management



Multiple integrations, unlimited possibilities

In addition to its core set of functionalities and modules, SWEN also supports seamless integration with a number of third-party tools that can be used for a variety of situations such as:

  • creating financial reports
  • official guest registration
  • license plate identification
  • handling guest’s bar and restaurant tabs
  • specific payment systems
  • automatic tax handling


The process of substituting a campsite’s current suite of booking and management platforms with SWEN’s all-in-one system follows a streamlined 6-step plan.

Step 01: integration analysis and planning

Step 02: integration development

Step 03: data migration

Step 04: user onboarding and testing

Step 05: system implementation

Step 06: continuous support and maintenance


€1,6 million angel backing

Since the product’s inception in 2019, over 1,6 million euros has been invested into SWEN by both Bornfight and private investors. These investments were used for the rapid development of the product MVP and for building the core team which currently consists of:

1x Product Lead

1x Product Owner

7x Backend Developers

3x Frontend Developers

2x Product Designers

1x Quality Assurance Engineer



Next stop — platform upgrades and market expansion

SWEN was launched and implemented into its first campsite in June of 2022, with a widespread implementation into its initial set of campsites planned for November of 2022 — ahead of the reservations for the 2023 camping season.

The current product roadmap includes:

  • Direct reservations and payment within the booking engine — scheduled for Q4 2022
  • Dynamic price adjustments based on available vacancies — scheduled for Q4 2022
  • Development of the SWEN Android and iOS mobile apps — scheduled for Q1 2023


Brief overview

  • 2019
Current phase:
  • MVP
Last round:
  • Angel
Funds invested:
  • €1,6 million