Why we created Bornfight

All our companies have been created with the common goal of becoming the best workplaces.


We started our first company, a digital marketing agency in 2009, and since then created another company, a media monitoring SaaS. The two gave us immense business, technological and human experiences.

In each new decision, we try to put our people first. This is not always easy, but we know that this way of thinking has contributed greatly to our success, since building on this principle has given us an opportunity to create a third company.

In the past few years we’ve started noticing more and more companies needing reliable, strategic partners in the field of digital technologies. We’ve often met companies whose idea or product failed because they did not find a partner who has had enough experience to make their vision successfully come to life. For this reason, we have decided to create Bornfight — a company that enables its clients to advance by developing innovative websites, apps, digital products and software.

Our team currently consists of 57 experienced professionals. And what enables us to assemble the best strategy, design and engineering teams is our devotion to create the best workplace for people who are passionate about digital technologies. Only by gathering people with such unique skill sets and giving them an environment where they can thrive, we are able to produce the best solutions for our clients and their users.

Bornfight represents our approach toward digital innovation

Bornfight stands for never giving up, but always delivering the best possible solution. The brand represents the key factors of our company culture and approach: Passion, Determination and Progress.

We promise to be passionate and determined in our approach, always dig deeper and experiment with the most advanced technology in order to create a progressive future.

At the beginning of each big project we explain to our clients that there will surely come a time for some hard decisions during the project, but that they can always count on our guidance and perseverance in creating the best outcome which will enable their company to progress.

Bornfight offers high quality digital technology solutions based on a specific process customized to each client and their business challenge. What’s common for all our clients is a desire to modernize their business using technology. We can do this in a variety of ways: with creating new business models, products, or tools that allow them to generate additional revenue, save money, lower risks and improve their users’ experience.

We believe that we can live in a world where every product and service has an easy to use experience on all platforms. And our mission is to make it happen.

We do not limit ourselves with the types of technology, platforms or industries because they are constantly changing. For one client, innovation can be manifested in the form of a new website, with another client it is software, with the third it’s an application for internal communication…

Never settle

Being passionate about learning and sharing knowledge, we made education an integral part of our work process. We invest 200 hours per month in internal and external education.

When we created Bornfight, we committed to sharing our digital technology know-how but also our experience in creating and maintaining a healthy and thriving company. An ever growing company should constantly increase the quality of work and expand the business and the team. We’ll continue to create progress each day and we look forward to meeting many more great people and companies who will join us on this journey.

We want to make Bornfight the best workplace full of passionate, determined and happy people.